Immediate implantation

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Due to modern developments and research we can use implants which are plantable right after tooth extraction.

Immediate implantation

In certain cases, when the quantity and quality of the bone is good, the implantation and the tooth extraction can be performed at the same time. If it is stable enough a temporary crown can be also placed even next day; this is called immediate loading.


What is the implant?

Implants are artificial roots used to replace missing teeth.


1.  Before each implantation a CT scan is taken which helps to plan the implantation. In a personal consultation we discuss it thoroughly, specify the details, and answer the questions. When we have clarified everything, we book a time for the operation.

2. During the treatment after local anaesthesia (just like before filling a tooth) the tooth is extracted.

3. After the extraction, the artificial root, the implant is immediately placed.

4. If its stability is enough it can be loaded by temporary crown or bridge; this is called immediate loading.

5. If its stability is not enough there is always a way to do a temporary prosthesis.

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