Implantation at toothless patients

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Even in case of no teeth a stable denture can be prepared with implants. We can make fix bridges, dentures or stabilize our patients’ existing prosthesis.

Implantation at toothless patients


In particular cases our patients can get a bridge which is fix.


Stabilizing a prosthesis

Rarely especially at lower removable prostheses the anatomy of the mouth does not allow using the prosthesis properly; the prosthesis is mobile. We can stabilize it with implants, and most of the time not even a new prosthesis is necessary. 


Is there an age limit?

No there isn’t. Implantation is recommended also for elderly people, actually it can  help a lot  at a removable dentures. Our elderly patients often cannot normally eat and speak with their old denture. Our implant solutions  put an end to these problems. 

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