Implants - steps of implatation

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Due to the rapid development of the last decades, dental implantation became a routine procedure nowadays. We are able to replace a missing tooth or to replace all if you don’t have any teeth. These treatments are painless.

Implants - steps of implatation

What it is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is appropriate for replacing one or more teeth. Its material is made of biocompatible titanium.

Parts of the implant  

- Implant: Ossified artificial root, which is to hold the crown

- Superstructure: creates connection in between the crown and the implant

- Crown: The tooth crown visible in the mouth, that looks like the neighboring teeth in color,  shape and function.

Steps of implantation

1. In every case  we plan the implantation based on a CT image. We discuss the steps needed and the treatment plan, we make a bid and book an appointment.

2. Before the operation,  we discuss the steps of implantation again. Then we make the affected area numbed, so pain-free treatment will be guaranteed.

3.We variously  prepare the bone for the implant and put it there.

4. As long as the implant is stable enough (this can be measured after placing it in),  we prefer the preparation of temporary crown-bridge immediately.

5. We provide our guests with instructions and medicine.

6. After a week: control examination.

7. After 3 - 5 months the permanent prosthesis (crown or bridge) can be prepared.



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